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In jazz and blues, a blue note is a note that—for expressive purposes—is sung or played at a slightly different pitch from standard. Blues Melody: Blues melodies are derived from the major and blues scale. The blues scale features notes that sound slightly out of tune. These notes give blues. In my experience, the blue note is the passing tone between the 4th and 5th degrees of the minor pentatonic scale. Play an A minor pentatonic scale, with this. Can the blue note — known for lending tension and worry to songs — ever sound happy? We look at music from Prince, Soundgarden. What is sadness in sound per se? Nothing. It doesn't exist. There is no note or kind of note that in and of itself is sad and only sad. Blue Note greats like Horace Silver & Art Blakey took the innovations of bebop, added the influence of the blues & gospel, and created the timeless sound of. Buy Blue Notes. you want to enhance your jazz collection, don't hesitate to invest in this cornucopia of Blue Note 'treasures!' The sound is delightful. Fronted by the charismatic Teddy Pendergrass during their peak years, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes helped to define the lush and soulful “Philly Sound” of the. on the separation of 'harmony' from 'sound' (timbre), 'melody' and 'rhythm', as the starting point of all analysis. Music as process: 'blue notes' as. Teddy Pendergrass - Blue Notes And Ballads - Music. Its very sad that the Philly sound is no longer around and that rich R&B music like this.

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